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Day One Wednesday, April 4, 2018
5/2/18 10:30 am - 5/2/18 11:30 am

1A | Making Every Dollar Count: Saving Behaviours and Postsecondary-Going Attitudes

Facilitator: Yvette Munro, Executive Director, Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer
Luke Connell, Executive Director, SmartSAVER – View presentation
William Elliott III, Professor, University of Michigan
Phil Maurizi, Vice President,  Operations, Promise Indiana

5/2/18 10:30 am - 5/2/18 11:30 am

1B | The Space In-between: Student Transitions to PSE

Facilitator: Annie Kidder, Executive Director, People for Education
Robert S. Brown, Research Coordinator, Toronto District School Board – View presentation
Kelly Gallagher-Mackay, Assistant Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University – View presentation
Gillian Parekh, Assistant Professor, York University – View presentation
Kate Tilleczek, Canada Research Chair and Professor and Scientific Director, Young Lives Research Laboratory, University of Prince Edward Island – View presentation

5/2/18 10:30 am - 5/2/18 11:30 am

1C | Rethinking Physical Spaces: How Campus Design Affects Access

Facilitator: Elizabeth (Dori) Tunstall, Dean, Faculty of Design, OCAD University
Ray Gosselin, Foundational Design Instructor, Emily Carr University of Art + Design – View presentation
Sarah McCarthy, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Rick Hansen Foundation – View presentation
Gary McCluskie, Principal, Diamond Schmitt Architects – View presentation

5/2/18 11:40 am - 5/2/18 12:40 pm

2A | Building Bridges: Fostering Partnerships Between K-12 and Postsecondary

Facilitator: Terry Cooke, President and CEO, Hamilton Community Foundation
Gail Forsyth, Director, Teaching, Learning and Retention, Wilfrid Laurier University – View presentation
Leslie Gloor Duncan, Associate Director, Transition, Leadership and Enrichment, Western University – View presentation
Tesfai Mengesha, Executive Director of Operations, Success Beyond Limits (SBL) – View presentation


5/2/18 11:40 am - 5/2/18 12:40 pm

2B | Motivating Change: Exploring Nudging in the Postsecondary Context

Facilitator: Linda Jonker, Senior Researcher and Technical Lead of Data and Statistics, Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario
Philip Oreopoulos, Professor, University of Toronto
Lindsay C. Page, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh – View presentation

5/2/18 11:40 am - 5/2/18 12:40 pm

2C | The New OSAP: Evaluating Changes to Financial Aid

Facilitator: Sophie Lanthier, Senior Researcher, Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario
Reuben Ford, Research Director, Social Research and Demonstration Corporation – View presentation
Noah Morris, Assistant Deputy Minister of the Advanced Education Learner Supports Division, Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development – View presentation
Sean Simpson, Vice President, IPSOS – View presentation
Hanna Woldeyohannes, Research Scientist, Ryerson University – View presentation

5/2/18 2:00 pm - 5/2/18 3:00 pm

3A | Accessibility in Higher Education: A Conversation with Mahadeo Sukhai

Facilitator: Angela Hildyard, Special Advisor to the President and Provost, University of Toronto
Mahadeo Sukhai, Head of Research and Chief Accessibility Officer, Canadian National Institute for the Blind

5/2/18 2:00 pm - 5/2/18 3:00 pm

3B | HEQCO Pitch Competition: Student Finalist Presentations

Higher education professionals and students alike are working hard to address a number of wicked problems in the sector. HEQCO’s first-ever pitch competition will showcase the solutions provided by students to tackle a key challenge faced in post-secondary education. The competition aspires to gain innovative solutions to address the complex problems, and serves as a dynamic platform for student voices to contribute to Access in Practice: Putting great ideas to work.

Student Pitch Competition Judges:
Sheldon Levy, CEO, NEXT Canada
Toni Morgan, Founder, The Beat Academy
Greg Orencsak, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development
Wayne Poirier, Vice President Student & Alumni Services, Mohawk College

Thunder Bay Finalist: Universal First Year Support – View presentation
Toronto Finalist: Interdisciplinary Credit Program – View presentation
Thunder Bay Finalist: Connection, Community, Outreach – View presentation
Toronto Finalist and Competition Winners: Accessing Resources on Campus (AROC) – View presentation

5/2/18 2:00 pm - 5/2/18 3:00 pm

3C | Trends in Social Mobility: Education and Labour Market Outcomes

Facilitator: Ken Chatoor, Researcher, Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario
Wen-Hao Chen, Senior Research Economist, Statistics Canada – View presentation
Marc Frenette, Researcher, Statistics Canada
Lauren Eden Jones, Assistant Professor, Ohio State University – View presentation

5/2/18 3:30 pm - 5/2/18 4:30 pm

4A | Retention Strategies: Strategic Initiatives to Support Student Success

Facilitator: Varsha Patel, Assistant Dean, Student Success, University of Toronto Scarborough
Karen Barnes, President and Vice Chancellor, Yukon College – View presentation
Michael Bourdukofsky, Chief Operations Officer, Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program – View presentation

5/2/18 3:30 pm - 5/2/18 4:30 pm

4B | Scaling Up: Growing Successful Initiatives

Facilitator: Helen Tewolde, Senior Researcher and Manager, Centre for Equitable Access, Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario
Soji N. Adewumi, Chief Program Officer, “I Have A Dream” Foundation – View presentation
Jordan Bighorn, Program Manager, CEDA | Pathways to Education, Winnipeg
Brett Visger, Associate Vice Chancellor, Institutional Collaboration and Completion, Ohio Department of Higher Education

5/2/18 3:30 pm - 5/2/18 4:30 pm

4C | Community Café: Snapshots of Access Initiatives

HEQCO invites you to connect with like-minded innovators in our first Community Café. This session will create a space for sector leaders to share information about innovative and practical programs through round-table discussions. You will have the opportunity to hear about a variety of access programs and initiatives and provide your feedback and thoughts. It’s a great networking and learning opportunity for those seeking new ideas.

Tanya Aberman, Research and Project Coordinator, FCJ Refugee Centre
Ross Finnie, Director, Education Policy Research Initiative
Chelsea Gabel, Assistant Professor | Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Well-Being, Community Engagement, and Innovation, McMaster University
Sophie Helpard, Executive Director, Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance
Colin Aitchison, Research and Policy Analyst, Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance
Patrick Kelly, Associate Director, Residence Life, University of Guelph
Jennifer Reddy, Associate Director, Leadership and Community Building Programs Lifelong Learning, Simon Fraser University
Karen Robson, Associate Professor, Ontario Research Chair in Educational Achievement and At-Risk Youth, McMaster University
Mack Rogers, Executive Director, ABC Life Literacy
Julia Smeed, Innovation Project Officer, Division of Student Life, University of Toronto

Day Two Thursday, April 5, 2018
4/20/18 11:00 am - 4/20/18 12:00 pm

5A | Predictive Modelling: Ethical Considerations

Facilitator: Patrick Lougheed, Co-Founder, Plaid Consulting
Tim Fricker, Dean of Students, Mohawk College
Mandy Moser, Manager, Institutional Analysis, University of Lethbridge
Bruce Winer, Assistant Vice President, Institutional Research and Planning, Carleton University

4/20/18 11:00 am - 4/20/18 12:00 pm

5B | Peer-to-Peer Mentoring: Facilitating Pathways from K-12 to PSE

Facilitator: Sam Tecle, Research Coordinator, York University
Liza Arnason, Assistant Dean, Student Life, Community Engagement and International Experience, University of Toronto Scarborough – View presentation
Gabriel Bran Lopez, Founder, Youth Fusion – View presentation
Marcie Ponte, Executive Director, Working Women Community Centre – View presentation

4/20/18 11:00 am - 4/20/18 12:00 pm

5C | Interactive Interventions: Facilitating Access for Students with Special Needs

Facilitator: Susan Hopkins, Executive Director, MEHRIT Centre
Tom Chau, Vice President of Research, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
Kaela Millar, Multi-Sensory Environment Technologist, Mohawk College – View presentation

4/20/18 11:00 am - 4/20/18 12:00 pm

5D | Indigenous Learning Outcomes Workshop: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Facilitator: S.Brenda Small, Vice President, Centre for Policy and Research in Indigenous Learning, Confederation College – View presentation

4/20/18 1:20 pm - 4/20/18 2:20 pm

6A | Place and Space: Local Early Intervention Programs

Facilitator: Diana Wickham, Partner, Civilis Group
Sophie Duchaine, Research Officer, Directorate of Studies and Research, University of Quebec – View presentation
Jennifer Pearson, Project Co-ordinator, Grad Track, Hamilton Community Foundation – View presentation
Amanda Stefanile, Program Coordinator, Achievement Program, Lakehead University – View presentation

4/20/18 1:20 pm - 4/20/18 2:20 pm

6B | Access Strategies: Reaching out to Underrepresented Groups

Facilitator: Lauren Hudak, Senior Researcher and Manager of Strategic Projects, Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario
Alan Bourke, Professor, Mohawk College – View presentation
Sarah Strachan, Teacher, iGrad Program – View presentation
Aaron Lemon-Strauss, Executive Director, College and Career Access, The College Board – View presentation

4/20/18 1:20 pm - 4/20/18 2:20 pm

6C | Rural and Remote Communities: Finding Ways to Connect with Students

Facilitator: Carlana Lindeman, Education Program Director, Martin Family Initiative
Mair Greenfield, Indigenous Education Lead, The Rumie Initiative – View presentation
Audrey J. Penner, Vice President, Academic and Student Success, Northern College – View presentation
Tina Reed, Director, Recruitment and Partnerships, Contact North | Contact Nord – View presentation

4/20/18 1:20 pm - 4/20/18 2:20 pm

6D | Tools for Evaluation Workshop: Strategies to Inform Survey Design

Facilitators: Julie Peters, Vice President, Research, Academica Group Inc. and Rachel Dengate, Panel Manager and Research Associate, Academica Group Inc. – View presentation

4/20/18 2:50 pm - 4/20/18 3:50 pm

7A | Road to Apprenticeship: Supporting Women in the Skilled Trades

Facilitator: Sarah Watts-Rynard, Executive Director, Canadian Apprenticeship Forum
Kathy Kimpton, President and CEO, Women Building Futures – View presentation
Karen Walsh, Executive Director, Office to Advance Women Apprentices – View presentation


4/20/18 2:50 pm - 4/20/18 3:50 pm

7B | Program Evaluation: Lessons Learned from Other Sectors

Facilitator: Anne Motte, Senior Planning Advisor, Vice Rectorate Human Resources and Planning, University of Montreal
Jim Dunn, Chair, Department of Health, Aging and Society, McMaster University
April Nakaima, Research Coordinator, The Evaluation Centre for Complex Health Interventions
Sujitha Ratnasingham, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences

4/20/18 2:50 pm - 4/20/18 3:50 pm

7C | STEM Programs: Initiatives to Engage Underrepresented Groups

Facilitator: Valerie Walker, Vice President, Talent and Skills, Business Council of Canada
Eugenia Duodu, Chief Executive Officer, Visions of Science Network for Learning Inc. – View presentation
Injoluwa Deborah Raji, Founder, Project Include  – View presentation
Sehrish Zehra, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Mathstronauts – View presentation